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How To | Shoulder Release

Step by step video for in home massage on how to perform a shoulder release on yourself, specifically concentrating on the rotator cuff, subscapularis. Book one of our professional massage therapists near your area to come out to your home today!

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How To | Cranial Massage Neck Release

Watch this video on how to perform an at-home cranial massage for neck release, also known as a craniosacral massage or craniosacral therapy (CST). Cranial Massage is not only deeply relaxing but can also relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches, stress, PTSD, spine injuries, nervous system disorders and more.

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How To | Yoga Blocks for Better Posture

Wendy shows us how to use yoga blocks in a seated pose to straighten the spine and correct posture and alignment. In this video, she uses the wooden yoga blocks that she suggests give us better form and shape than softer, foam blocks. However if you are using foam blocks, the same applicaton concept applies.

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How To | Shiatsu Facial Massage

Lani with Pure Knead Massage explains how to perform an at-home shiatsu facial to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Do this daily to see maximum results!

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How To | Breath of Fire: Detox

Wanting to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system? Try this 4 minute yoga breathing exercise and stretch daily. Kapalabhati Pranayama is also known as the Breath of Fire…

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How To | Thai Massage Backbend & Chest Opener

In this video, Lani demonstrates how to perform a Thai Massage back bend and chest opener technique. It’s amazing to know that with the help of a partner, you can open up and stretch out the front body at home with the help of this video…

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