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Follow Niki along as she leads us through half moon pose. This sequence helps create more spinal flexibility. It’s a great warm up first thing in the morning, throughout the workday, or anytime you’re feeling stiff. Go slow, follow your breath.

  1. Begin with toes and heels together.
  2. Bring your arms up overhead with an inhale, keeping your gaze forward, interlace the fingers and release and point the index fingers, letting your thumbs cross.
  3. Take a deep breath and stretch up to lengthen while you bend to the right, pushing your hips to the left. You should feel this stretch down your right side, going from your index fingers down to your feet.
  4. Remain here for a moment while you breathe deeply. Keep the stomach tight and the weight centered in your heels.
  5. Breathing smoothly, take another deep inhale and come up to center again.
  6. Stretching up, take another deep breath for length, then bend to the left as you push your hips to the right.
  7. Keep your breathing smooth and even as you stretch the left side of your body from fingers to toes.
  8. Take another deep breath and come back up to center.
  9. Deep breath, tilt your head back and point your fingers up and slightly back for a mild backbend to gently open up the front of the body.
  10. Inhale back up to center, and exhale your arms down as you slowly make your way down into a forward fold.
  11. Place your hands on the ground and begin to wiggle and shake your legs slowly to release your lower back. Make sure your head is hanging loose, not straining your neck.
  12. Grab your heels, lift your hips, and let your head fully drop to release your lower back, hips and legs.
  13. Stay here for a moment, make sure your breathing is even and smooth.
  14. Take a deep inhale as you rise up to center and place your hands together overhead.
  15. Exhale your hands down to your heart and release.

You have now warmed up your spine in all four directions. Do this as-needed for more spinal flexibility and improved blood flow.

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