Keeping our community healthy and well is our top priority! We care about your safety and the safety of our therapists. We have returned to massage following strict state guidelines and CDC requirements.

All of our therapist will be following new guidelines:

  1. If requested, our therapists will wear a  mask while on premises massaging.
  2. Wash hands prior and after each massage appointment.
  3. All massage equipment must be sanitized upon arrival and after each appointment.
  4. Self imposed Daily Health screen; if a therapist is ill the appointment will be cancelled and the client refunded or rescheduled. The therapist will be removed from our roster until they have waited 10 days with no symptoms. 
  5. Fresh laundered sheets, or we can use the clients sheets if requested. 

For our therapists safety, we will be asking you to self check:

  1. If you or anyone in your household has  been exposed to Covid-19, wait a minimum of 10 days, with no symptoms before booking a massage. 
  2. If you had Covid-19, please make sure you have waited 10 days without symptoms.
  3. If you have experienced any symptoms related to Covid-19, we ask that you wait 10 days prior to booking an appointment, without symptoms. 

Prior to your appointment we ask that you take a few steps to protect your therapist and help make them feel comfortable and confident that they are safe in your environment. We are requesting that you:

  1. Provide an area for our therapist to wash their hands before and after an appointment.
  2. Have tissue ready to cough or sneeze into throughout your massage and a small trash can or waste basket nearby to drop your used tissue into.

Please note, even with these safety precautions we are implementing due to the nature of Coronavirus Pure Knead Massage cannot guarantee you will not contract Covid-19 during a massage appointment. If you are at high risk for contracting the virus, please refrain from massage therapy.”


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