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Have you ever experienced back pain from bad posture? Being seated in an office chair throughout the entire day can cause minor back pains. What’s worse is having back pain can stop you from doing activities that you love, such as sports or exercising. The exact things that bring relief to back pain. Thai massage can help, with a technique called the Thai backbend. It will open up your spine and give your low back relief.

This simple tutorial can help both you and your partner if you are suffering from back problems. Feel free to try this at home or wherever you have a flat surface to lay on. All you need is two people and a floor.


  1. Have your recipient lay on their stomach on a flat surface, carpeted floor or bed, making sure their head is resting to the side.
  2. Place your knees on your partner’s glutes, one knee on each glute; lay your feet in between your participants legs.
  3. Place your hands on opposite sides of the spine, starting at the base of the back. Note* do not touch the spine. 
  4. Avoiding pressure directly on the spine, apply gentle pressure on each side of the spine while moving your hands up the spine, ending at the top of the spine and walking your hands back down to the lower back. Repeat this two to three times.
  5. Now that the back is warmed up, using your hands, grab your recipient’s forearms and have them grab yours. Hold on tightly, lean back and pull your recipient backwards with you. You will pull them up into a backbend position,  hold for 10-15 seconds before gently lying them back down.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 to get the full pleasure of the Thai backbend.

Make sure you switch with your partner, everyone needs to get a turn! 

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