At Pure Knead Massage, from the moment we step into your home, office or hotel room you will see the difference. Pure Knead Massage is comprised of highly knowledgeable, expertly-trained massage therapists who actively anticipate the individual needs of each customer. We have designed each of our procedures, and your entire mobile massage experience with us to make you truly feel like the spa has come to you. We look forward to being at your service and kneading your worries away.

Our team

Lani Fisher


Gretchen Ferguson

Office Manager

Andy Tang

Social Media Administrator

Moira Ramos

Administrative Assistant


Pure Knead Massage was created by Master Massage Therapist Lani Fisher with an optimistic mission in mind. Her goal is to make the healing benefits of therapeutic massage more widely understood and utilized by the general public, while also helping other massage therapists realize their potential to be instrumental in the well-being of many more people than they previously thought possible. Founding a mobile massage service was her objective to meeting her goal.

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Lani has created and maintained an elite, in-home massage practice for the last thirteen years. “Through my years of experience, I have perfected a technique that allows clients to feel comfortable, safe, and able to relax. My private practice was built solely on referrals, and my customer base has consistently grown. In fact, I have enjoyed so much demand that I often have long waiting lists. I have been truly fortunate. Not many therapists I have encountered have had the same experience. Many therapists struggle to find private clients, then struggle to maintain the client relationship. They always ask me the same thing, “How did you manage to create such a successful private practice?” I realized that my business background gives me a key advantage. Massage school gives us the skills to help others feel incredible, but it doesn’t teach us anything about creating or operating a business. I saw a need for a company that makes it easier for therapists to succeed at what they do best while making their amazing gifts more accessible to everyone. That is why I created Pure Knead Massage.” – Lani Fisher