The use of plant-based essential oils in medicine dates as far back as the world’s ancient civilizations. The mysterious powers of scent, derived from the essence (or soul) of plants, have been used throughout the ages in rituals, holy anointments, and medicines. They appeared in all kinds of forms like incense, resins, perfumes, salves and ointments.

Today we call this aromatherapy, and one of the most magical ways to experience its benefits is through massage therapy.

The purest form of high-grade essential oils is being sought out by massage professionals to provide the ultimate experience of relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery that combined massage and aromatherapy provide.

There are more than 3,000 types of essential plant oils, each with its own therapeutic qualities. You name the ailment, and there’s an oil that could relieve it. Therapeutic plant essential oils, usually diluted in some type of natural massage lotion like coconut oil, are quickly absorbed through the skin. They are used to treat pain, muscle stiffness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, congestion, hypertension and more. And just some of the benefits one can experience from massage aromatherapy is a boost in energy levels and cognitive performance, faster assisted healing for burns and abrasions, strengthening of the immune system, improvement in digestion, and increased circulation.



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