Booking a Massage

 The booking system will use your cell phone to generate notifications regarding new or upcoming bookings. It will also send you a reminder email 24 hours prior to your appointment. Also, in the unlikely event that your therapist is running late we may need to contact you. Rest assured that we will never share your phone number or email with another company or service.

We are also happy to massage you at your office or hotel. Our only requirement is a room with a space of 6×10 to set up our table.

 Contractually, our therapists cannot share their contact info with customers they encounter through Pure Knead. Likewise, our customer agreement states that you will not try to book massages directly with your therapist. They are wonderful people who aim to please you, so please do not put them in an uncomfortable position by asking them to book directly with you. We have worked hard to ensure that you can conveniently book online through, or you can call 1-844-Knead-Me to set your next appointment. Our goal is to make this experience as easy as possible for you so you can relax during and after your massage.

You may schedule an appointment with a specific therapist that you have previously worked with based on their availability. Book online at WWW.PUREKNEADMASSAGE.COM, or call 1-844-KNEAD-ME to reserve your favorite therapist on a recurring basis. In the case of last minute appointments, we will send an on-duty therapist who is closest to your location. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Payment is required by credit card and must be scheduled online prior to the therapist arriving. Requiring prior credit card payment allows us to vet new clients for our therapists, provides security for them in knowing that the service has been paid prior to their arrival, and helps us ensure the safety of our staff.

If you are in a hotel , business or high rise condo with very little parking, then you will be charged for the massage therapist’s parking for the duration of the massage.

 Table massage appointments cannot be split between multiple people. There is a one hour minimum requirement per person due to therapists having to change sheets, transition time, and time needed to break down the body. The first hour is to relax the body and prepare you for any detail work needed, the massage extension of 30 minutes – 1 hour is for detail work due to existing injuries or trouble spots. We want to give every client the time needed to fully relax their body. We are always happy to book another massage or therapist if needed. Chair massage can be divided between multiple people in 5-30 minute increments with a minimum of one hour booked per therapist.

Massage Events

We need at least 24 hours to schedule a spa party, although we may be able to accommodate you sooner depending on your needs and our therapist availability.

We need at least 24 hours to schedule a chair massage event, although we may be able to accommodate you sooner depending on your needs and our therapist availability.

A typical chair massage lasts 15 minutes. To get a good idea of how many therapists you will need and how many hours you should book, multiply your number of employees by 15 min. each. For example, an office of thirty employees would require 450 minutes, or 7.5 hours. Therefore, a good estimate would be two therapists for approximately a four hour time slot.

Yes! We would love to help you create a weekly or monthly chair massage event. Your employees will feel appreciated and pampered, and your office productivity and morale is sure to skyrocket! Call us today to schedule.

Gift Certificates

Create an account and when you book online, enter your gift certificate number at checkout.

We require all customers to have a valid credit card on file. This helps us verify your identity for the safety of our therapists. You will not be charged unless you choose to add additional time or a tip for your therapist on that credit card.

If your gift certificate is still valid but the site is not allowing you to use it, please call us directly at 1-844-KNEAD-ME (844-563-2363).

Your gift certificate is valid for one year after purchase date.

Dealing with your Masseuse

Please allow a 10 – 15 minute leeway time for traffic or unforeseen road conditions that may delay your therapist. We unfortunately cannot refund appointments if these conditions apply to our therapist being late. In the event that your therapist is more than 20 minutes late, you may choose to cancel your massage before your therapist shows up and receive a full refund. 

Make sure to remove all jewelry. You may choose to wear a robe, which is easier to remove when getting on and off the table and takes the worry out of getting oil on your clothes. Our therapist will leave the room while you disrobe. We ask that you fully undress so that way we may better reach your lower back. All of your private areas will be covered by a sheet the entire time, but you may leave on your underwear if it makes you more comfortable.

Most clients leave 15%-30% of the service price. Our system allows us to process tips on your credit card prior to completing your transaction, however, if you would like to tip your therapist in person you can do that as well. Although gratuities are always appreciated, they are never expected. It is our pleasure to provide the service to you.

You can rest assured all of our therapists have had full background checks and are licensed and insured for In-home Massage Therapy. We keep a record of the location of our therapists at all times, and they check in with us both when they arrive at your home/business and when they leave. This allows us to ensure the safety of our therapists as well as our clients. You can always reach us at 1-844-Knead-Me (844-563-2363) with questions or concerns.

You do not need to provide anything. We come fully prepared with a specially designed massage table, fresh and clean sheets, lotion, and relaxing music. You will never want to pay for another massage away from the comfort of home again.

We need a 6’x10’ space to set up our table and a power outlet to plug in the stereo.


Once an appointment is booked, you will be notified via email. You may call us back within ten minutes of booking to cancel with no penalties. If you cancel more than ten minutes after booking, a $50 booking fee will be charged. If you are a reoccurring weekly client you will not be charged a booking fee for canceling before the four hour cancellation period. All cancellations that take place less than four hours prior to the scheduled massage time are non-refundable and the full amount of the massage will be charged.


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