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Lani from Pure Knead Massage demonstrates in this video how to perform an at-home cranial massage for neck release, also known as a craniosacral massage or craniosacral therapy (CST). Cranial Massage is not only deeply relaxing but can also relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches, stress, PTSD, spine injuries, nervous system disorders and more. For anyone who has pain, injury or a chronic condition, you would want a certified and specialized practitioner to perform this type of massage on them.

These instructions below and in video above are specifically for neck release but cranial massage can also include massage to the sacrum and around the spine and joints, depending on what the practitioner is trying to achieve.

One important thing to remember when giving someone a cranial massage is that although fingertips are used, the weight of the recipient’s head and body creates the pressure, rather than having to use the strength of the fingers.

  1. You do not need any oil or lotion, just your fingertips. Begin with your recipient lying face up on a flat surface.
  2. With your fingers flat and straight, start at the shoulders and pull through the neck and lift the neck up with your fingertips. Only 4 fingers are used to hold the head up (not the thumbs) at the base of the skull. The entire weight of the head should be resting on the fingertips.
  3. As your recipient begins to breathe in and out deeply, you will feel them gradually relax more and more especially into the neck and the head. You do not need to apply any pressure as the weight of their head will do all the work as the head becomes more and more relaxed. Hold this for a while. The head will begin to dip as the recipient continues to breathe. The neck will release and lengthen until the head eventually rests in the palm of your hands.
  4. When the recipient’s head is in your hands, they have fully relaxed. Hold their head still for a few moments. In an upward motion, pull the neck for some light stretches to wrap up the move.

For a in home prfessional cranial massage by one of of our certified massage therpaists in the Phoenix or San Diego area, book a massage now!

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