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Massage oil is oftentimes thought of as a luxury – in fact, getting a massage in general is considered a luxury for ourselves. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can easily book an at home massage, or have someone you know give you a massage using a natural oil blend you can quite easily make yourself. Check out this recipe and customize it to fit your personal preference.

What you will need:

A Glass Bottle Decide what size bottle you would like to use, making sure it is dark or tinted in some way to protect your oil from going bad from UV exposure.

A Carrier Oil The carrier oil is the base oil that will make up the majority of your massage oil blend. These are 4 popular and effective choices:

-Coconut oil: Contains a tropical scent with great benefits to your hair, skin, and nails.

-Sweet almond oil: This is the most commonly used massage oil that spreads well and is easily absorbed by the skin with its mild, nutty aroma that blends well with many different scents.

-Grapeseed oil: This light oil works best with oily skin types which is high in vitamins and almost odorless. Grapeseed oil mixes well with any scent you choose.

Essential Oils

Once you have chosen your carrier oil, you’ll need to choose some essential oils. Here are some common oils:
· Lavender
· Lemon
· Rosemary
· Sandalwood
· Cinnamon
· Peppermint
· Rose
· Jasmine
· Eucalyptus
· Sweet Marjoram
· Sweet Orange
· Bergamot

You can make a good massage oil using only one essential oil, although most massage oil blends use three or more. As you become experienced at making blends, you will get better at mixing and understanding what oils work together.

Recipe for relaxation:

  • ¼ cup carrier oil
  • 7 drops lavender essential oil
  • 7 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 7 drops bergamot essential oil

Generally, you’ll want to use about 70 drops of essential oils for every 8 oz. of carrier oil. Blend the oils by dripping the essential oils into your glass bottle first, then adding the carrier oil. Put the top on the bottle and roll it between your palms to blend the oils. Enjoy!

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