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What is a four-handed, deep tissue massage?

The 4 handed deep tissue massage, also known as a tandem massage is a hot new trend throughout the world. At the peak of luxury and relaxation lies the modality that incorporates not one, but two massage therapists working on your body simultaneously, for the ultimate deep tissue massage. This method has been deemed one of the most relaxing and indulgent ways to facilitate healing in your body. If you’re a person who cares about the integrity of their health and well-being, consider upping your self-care routine to include a four-handed massage!

What You Can Expect

During a regular deep tissue massage, the mind is focused on the hands of the practitioner. Most of the time, the client’s mind cannot relax because they are thinking about the massage therapist’s next move. A four-handed massage fixes this problem. With four hands on the body simultaneously, the mind cannot comprehend the movement and it is forced into relaxation. This is especially beneficial for those who can’t seem to relax during a regular massage as they can finally lay the mind to rest and focus on enjoyment.

During a four-handed massage, you will start to feel a sense of deep relaxation, greater than any other deep tissue massage you have ever experienced. Both of the therapists will appear to have melded into one highly therapeutic force, kneading away every ache in your body with precise coordination. Experienced massage therapists will coordinate their hands in harmony as they work together through the body, complimenting each other’s massage skills. One therapist usually takes the lead, while the other follows. In this way, different parts of the body are stimulated simultaneously as 4 hands dance over you. Therapists may combine elements of Swedish massage too, depending on a client’s needs and requests.

This massage is the perfect gift to pamper a friend or loved one. It’s also an amazing experience for the health-junkie or pamper looking for the next best thing. We guarantee that after you try this amazing modality, you will be back for more! You will be back for more!

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