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Pure Knead in home massage therapist, Lani describes in detail how to perform a professional shoulder release massage on yourself, specifically concentrating on the rotator cuff, subscapularis. If you are experiencing stiffness or limited mobility in this area, then follow this step by step instruction video.

Your rotator cuff is made up of four different muscles. The largest, strongest, and most used is the subscapularis. The subscapularis is attached to the back of the scapula, essentially the inside of your shoulder blade.

If you experience shoulder stiffness then this release is perfect for you!


  1. If you are working on your right side, place your right hand behind your right shoulder.
  2. With your right elbow lifted, take the left hand and place the thumb or fingertips underneath the armpit.
  3. Push your thumb or fingertips back towards your shoulder blade, feeling for the inside of the scapula bone.
  4. Feel for for any sensitive areas with your thumb. Once you find one, hold it, keep your thumb stable and breathe into it with slow, deep breaths. The more you breathe into it, the more the muscle will relax and your pain will diminish.
  5. While keeping your thumb steady, take your elbow and move it forward and backward; then up and downward, whichever is more comfortable for you.
  6. Contine moving across the inside of the scapula bone, looking for any sensitive areas, keep doing this until you’ve worked through every area you’ve come across with your thumb. Once you have hit every sensitive area, you know your work is done.
  7. Release your thumb and drop your shoulder.

You will notice as your arm drops you will feel the difference in your shoulder blade. You will have more range of motion and use. Repeat on both sides.

If you are experiencing chronic shoulder pain and tension, why not book a massage with one of our professional in home massage therapists! We have therapists opreating throughout the Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA areas.

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