How To | Yoga Blocks for Better Posture

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Wendy shows us how to use yoga blocks in a seated pose to straighten the spine and correct posture and alignment. In this video, she uses the wooden yoga blocks. However, if you are using foam blocks, the same applicaton concept applies.

  1. You can use 1 or more blocks under your seat and position the block / blocks at different heights and angles.
  2. Place feet and legs as close to the block and body as possible.
  3. Keep your hands on top of your thighs or knees depending on height or comfort.
  4. Rock your hips forward and backward, allowing the upperbody to follow the movements of the lower body.

This exercise will create proper posture and alignment, along with more fluid movement in your body. It’s also great for your kidneys and can be done on a daily basis for maximum benefits.

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