Health | Benefits of Baby Massage

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Picture this: your baby is happy and calm in your arms, but the moment you set them down they begin to fuss and cry. You pick the child back up again and they’re just fine. Many parents have experienced this, and it’s because humans are comforted by touch. Babies are no exception to this rule, as they can receive lifelong benefits from positive touch at an early age. Baby massage is a great tool to not only help soothe a fussy child, but to increase bonding time with parent and child! Massage has been shown to reduce crying, induce sleep, relieve anxiety, and boost the immune system. Bodywork stimulates the central nervous system, allowing the brain to produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical, and reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. This slows breathing and helps to induce relaxation, creating a happy baby and a happy mama! It is said that touch and rhythmic movement are some of the most powerful forms of communication between infant and parent. Baby massage also allows parents to feel more in control of the situation by providing the skills to respond to the baby’s unique needs. Try incorporating baby massage into your routine with your child. Pick a time when you and your baby are relaxed, possibly around bathtime or bedtime and in a quiet, warm environment. See our video “How To Massage Your Baby” for some moves you can try at home!
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