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In this video, Gretchen leads us through a series of guided images to help faciliate relaxation in the body and mind.

Tips for a Successful Meditation:

  1. Environment- Make sure your environment has minimal distractions or clutter. A quiet space is preferable.
  2. Comfortable- It is important to make sure you are in a comfortable position. If you are prone to fall asleep during relaxation practices, try sitting up against a sturdy surface with lumbar support. If you prefer to lie down, make sure you will be comfortable and warm.
  3. Intention- Set an intention for your meditation. Are you doing this to relieve stress? Decrease pain? Setting an intention helps you to stay on track and ensures a higher chance of a longer, more successful meditation.
  4. Breath- Tune into your breath. By focusing on the rhythmic inhale and exhale, you can decrease the amount of distractions, and eventually start to direct the flow of energy throughout your body.
  5. Open Mind- Last but not least, it is imperative to have an open mind about meditation. It is a very personal practice that involves intimate time alone with your psyche. It is possible that uncomfortable feelings and emotions may surface. In this situation, it is best to observe and acknowledge the thoughts and emotions coming up, and setting them aside for a later time. Meditation can be an introspective practice, allowing the practitioner to take a look within, and sort through the problems or issues that they may be dealing with. You will often find that after a meditation practice, you may have the answer or direction to solve those problems.

Meditation is a powerful tool that is very easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Take a few moments and tune inward, you will be delightfully surprised by what you find.

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