Health | Is It Okay To Sleep During A Massage?

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Afraid to fall asleep on the massage table?

Maybe you’re planning your first ever massage, or you’ve had a few sessions before and you’re wondering, “What if I fall asleep on the table?” “Is that rude?” “Will it affect my quality of massage?” 

The answer is, no. A therapist is still able to perform a high quality massage even if their client is asleep. It’s not rude, nor does it insult them in anyway. In fact, sleeping through a massage is a compliment to the therapist. Falling asleep tells them you are relaxed and comfortable and enjoying the time on their table. 


You’ve scheduled this massage for a reason, we understand that you are and your body are tired so let your mind and body relax. If that means taking a little snooze, we don’t mind! 


If you’re planning this time to take a nap, that’s okay too! Simply communicate with your therapist that you would enjoy a quiet massage and the ultimate level of relaxation. It is your therapist’s job to give you exactly the level of relaxation you desire.

Experience this yourself. Give us a call for the ultimate relaxation.

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