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Just as the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron,” the practice of incorporating yoga into your massage can sharpen and increase your massage benefits. These two health practices mutually benefit each other in all aspects. After a particularly hard yoga session, you can recover faster with a bit of relaxing massage therapy. A post workout massage will then allow your mind and body to go further in your yoga experience. You get your relaxing massage before yoga & your Deep Tissue massage after yoga for maximum benefits!

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Lani Fisher from Pure Knead Massage speaks to Nicole Deacon, owner at Bikram Yoga AZ. This heated yoga class uses a 26 posture series that is scientific in it’s design to work every muscle, joint, tendon, organ and ligament in the body. Nicole also tells us how massage helps her in her yoga practice.

Bikram Yoga AZ also offers other heated and non-heated classes besides Bikram Yoga, like Pilates. So there is something for everyone. If you would like to try this studio’s classes out, keep an eye on their website for new member specials mentioned in the video!


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