5 Best Wellness Practices to Maximize the Full Benefits of Watsu Massage

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Watsu or passive hydrotherapy is an approach that targets to improve one’s holistic well-being. Conducted in a heated pool, the therapist moves the body in a gentle manner to promote a deep state of relaxation, but also targets to improve the flexibility of the spine and nervous system as well as provide relief for muscle and joint pain. 

It restores the energetic flow within the body while giving you an organic, relaxing massage. It brings peace and it revitalizes you completely, showing why this approach has seen a steep rise in the past decade. Watsu gives the body an opportunity to remove all the pressures from the muscles and joints and to experience a meditative state.

To maximize the benefits of this massage, good eating habits and healthy practices is needed. Here are five wellness practices that compeiment Watsu well:

Bath Salts

The soothing effects of bath salts help elevate the effects of Watsu. Magnesium is known as a sleep-inducing mineral and is essential for our health and wellbeing, but it usually gets drained by excess adrenaline and stress. Bath salts help renew our Magnesium levels making them a natural stress reliever.

Yoga and Other Gentle Stretches

Gentle stretching is a perfect complement to Watsu. They have the same philosophy of holistic healing, both practices target the same physical, emotional, and mental areas of the body. 

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea such as green tea, holy basil, turmeric, ginger, rose hip, and fennel help relieve inflammation and pain. Drink herbal tea before and after your Watsu massage to combine pain relief effects.

Muscle Recovery Smoothies

These kinds of smoothies are a delicious way to continue your path to holistic health. A good combination of oats, fruits, greens, milk, and natural supplements mixed and consumed daily will speed up recovery for the injured and improve wellness in general.

A Good Morning and Night Time Routine

Taking care of your mental health will help you reap the full benefits of passive hydrotherapy. By setting yourself up to win in the morning through a good routine and winding down properly, you’ll ease constant feelings of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. Meditation, journaling, reading, aromatherapy, and lessening mobile screen time are proven ways to a healthy and sustainable daily self-care routine.

Same with Watsu, these five tips must be practiced consistently to really feel the full benefits. Always remember to make time for self-care to help you live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life. 

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