How To | Thai Massage Backbend & Chest Opener

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So much of our daily life is spent unnaturally hunched over a desk, driving or rounding the shoulders in some way or another. Our chest and shoulders are the parts of the body that eventually take the most toll and the muscles in these areas become tight and tense.

But it’s great to know that with the help of a partner, you can open up and stretch out the front body at home with the help of this video. Be sure to watch the video and read the step by step instructions below to perform this correctly!

YouTube video

Step 1: Make sure the recipient is wearing loose fitting clothing and comfortably lying on a carpeted floor or yoga mat with their head to one side.

Step 2: Sit in between their legs with one of your knees on each side of their glutes (buttocks). Place your feet between their separated legs.

Step 3: Press the palm of your hand into their back on either side of their spine. ** Do not press directly into their spine. Walk the hands up and down the spine, massaging a little, to loosen the muscles.

Step 4: Now grab their forearms, just above the wrist with your hands. Have them do the same to you. Ask the recipient to exhale as you lean back and pull on their arms, lifting their upper body into a backbend. Hold this for a few seconds. Gently release them back down to the ground.

Step 5: Repeat the palm massage (step 3) and repeat the backbend (step 4).

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