How To | Reflexology: Relieve Sinus Pressure

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Using a simple reflexology massage technique that you can do at home, Lani Fisher demonstates how to apply this pressure-point therapy to the feet to unblock sinus pressure

This is perfect for sinus blockages that are caused from chest colds, allergies and asthma.

Step 1: Hold the base of the big toe using the thumb and index finger.

Step 2: Keeping hold of the big toe, use the thumb and index finger of the other hand to squeeze the base of every toe on that foot, starting with the toe closet to the biggest toe. Continue all the way to the pinky toe.

Step 3: Still keeping hold of the big toe, squeeze each toe again but this time on the notch of each toe (above the base of the toe).

Step 4: Release the big toe and use the thumb to massage the top of the foot, between each toe, starting with the big toe and working towards the pinky again.

Step 5: Repeat on opposite foot.

As you work on the left foot and the right foot, the coinciding nasal passage will begin to drain becasue the pressure points in the feet connect to, and effect, the throat, eyes, nose, ears, chest – all the parts of the body that feels the pressure of blocked sinuses.

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