How To | Tip A Massage Therapist

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The average tipping amount in the USA is around 20%. As the quality of a massage can vary so much from therapist to therapist, this amount can be adjusted according to your experience. Most Pure Knead Massage clients leave 15% – 30% of the service price. If you take into consideration that our therapists are mobile and drive out to your home, you may want to tip slightly more than a massage at a spa. Massages are an excellent addition to any health and wellness routine. Whether you are trying to prevent injury, address trouble spots, or simply relax, there is a massage out there for you. With the ever-increasing popularity in massage therapy, people are looking for a great massage therapist who can fit their needs and provide an unforgettable experience in a calm, relaxing environment.

Pure Knead Massage provides a different variety of in-home massage therapists – so there is someone suited to everyone’s individual needs. And best of all our massage therapists come to you in the comfort of your own space! Our procedures are designed to make you feel like the spa has arrived at your house. Our therapists show up to your home, office, or hotel with all the supplies needed to perform a first-class, completely unique massage experience.

When to Tip the Therapist

Due to the fact that massage therapy is service-based, we often get asked how much is a standard tip for a massage. With Pure Knead Massage tips can be paid via credit card before your appointment so you do not need to haggle with any form of payment after your massage. Some people choose to add a tip after their treatment so they may tip based on their experience. You may also pay your gratuities in cash. This is the only cash your therapist can accept as all services are paid via credit card prior to your appointment. Although gratuities are always appreciated, they are never expected. It is our pleasure to provide the service to you. Our therapists keep 100% of every tip they receive.

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