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We have fives senses. Although, it is said touch is our primary source to show our compassion. Neuroscientist Edmund Rolls did a study which revealed touch activates our brain where the feelings of reward and compassion are triggered.

There have been several studies on touch and the profound effects it holds. Research studies from UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health reveals that touch is a form of both physical and mental healing. Those whom are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease showed reduced depression levels and increased relaxation due to touch. Another study includes pregnant women, with the help of touch, reduced pain and depression levels. Tiffany Field, the director of the Touch Research Institute, studied infants that received a fifteen minute massage session three times a day compared to those who do not receive massage, ranging from 5-10 days. The results revealed that infants who received massages gained 47 percent more weight than those who were not massaged.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on touch and the effect it plays in our daily lives. As you can see, touch is imperative for connection, health, and a positive frame of mind. Even babies need touch to help them grow. From a simple pat on the back, to a hug, it’s the the smallest forms of touch that can make the biggest difference. We live in a world where we communicate through technology and spend less time face to face. The hugs we provide for another may be the only form of contact they receive for days. Let us help heal you through touch, we are a phone call away!

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