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This massage is performed in the water with a pool noodle under your client’s knees for support.


  1. Begin with your recipient lying face-up in the pool with your arms stretched across their shoulders and glutes, and a pool noodle under their knees. Have the client’s arms stretched in the letter “T” with the arm closest to you wrapped around your side.
  2. Have your client start to take slow deep breaths. Going with the rhythm of their breath, begin to slowly raise and lower the client gently, going up to the surface on the inhale, and lowering down on the exhale. Repeat a few times until recipient is fully relaxed.
  3. Next, keeping your arms stretched out and supporting your recipient, begin to sway your client gently from side to side, allowing the body to move freely in the water, opening up any stagnant energy or tight spots.
  4. Remove your recipient’s arm from underneath yours and move their head to your shoulder. Place your arms under theirs and your hands on either side of their hips. Using your hands, begin to lightly push on either side as they sway back and forth. This opens up the back and hips to release tension.
  5. After you have moved their hips back and forth a few times, keep one hand on the body and make the letter “C” with your opposite hand. Starting at the base of the spine, place your fingers on either side of the spine and begin to work your way up their back with the rhythm of their breath. With each inhale, push them to the surface of the water, and with each exhale bring them back down. End at the base of their neck.
  6. Once finished, rotate your client back into the starting position with one arm supporting the neck and shoulders, and one arm underneath the thighs, just above the back of the knees.
  7. In an accordian style manner, being to fold your client’s body towards itself by bringing your arms towards one another. The body should be completely relaxed as you move their chin towards their knees.
  8. Finally, stretch their body back out again and repeat step 2 and sway your client gently back and forth.

Try this out and let us know how you like it!

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