How To | Dog Massage

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Lani demonstrates how to perform some simple massage techniques on your furry friend!


  1. Begin with your dog lying on their back or face down, whichever way they will stay still for you.
  2. Using your thumbs, place them right above their eyes and begin making small circles from their eyes to the back of their head. This motion will help alleviate pressure in their scalp.
  3. Repeat this motion with your thumbs, moving outward each time until you’ve reached the end of their eyes.
  4. Next, you are going to take your hands and place them over the ears with your thumb on top and your fingers curling along the bottom. Move your hands in a circular motion.
  5. Starting at the neck, use your fingers to make circular motions along the side of their spine, avoiding the top of their spine, until you reach the base of their tail.

This will help increase blood flow, improve flexibility, and spread some much-needed love to your furry friend!


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