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In this video there is a step-by-step tutorial on how to perform an at-home hot stone massage for your loved ones.

What you need for your hot stone massage:

  • A crockpot with water
  • 5 river stones (1 large one the size of your hand and 4 smaller ones the size of your palm)
  • Tongs with a rubber grip
  • Oil

There are 9 stones in the photo accompanying this hot stone massage article. The stone at the top is for the sacrum, the 4 on the left are smooth textured for easy gliding, and the 4 on the right are a bit coarser for deeper exfoliation. We suggest finding your river stones in a place that has significant meaning to you. Choose the stones with a texture that suits your individual style.

Performing a Hot Stone Massage:

  1. Place your 5 stones into your crockpot with heated water.
  2. Have your participant lay face-down on a table or bed. Make sure you have access to their entire back and arms.
  3. Once your stones are thoroughly heated, remove the largest sacrum hot stone and two smaller, palm-sized hot stones from the water and place them beside the crockpot. We suggest placing them on a towel to dry them off.
  4. While your stones are cooling down slightly, apply oil to your hands and glide them over your participant’s back.
  5. Retrieve the largest stone and place it directly over their sacrum on their lower back. Make sure there is something in between the stone and their skin so it does not become too hot during the massage.
  6. Apply some more oil to your hands and grab your two palm-sized stones. Begin to turn them in your hands, applying oil to the surface for easy gliding.
  7. Starting at the neck below the occipital bone, place the flat side of the stone on either side of the spine (NEVER directly on the spine), begin to apply pressure and move downward towards the sacrum on either side of their spine.
  8. Once you reach the sacrum, move outwards along the hip bones and then drag your stones along the side of the body and back up to the starting point at the base of the neck.
  9. Our next move begins by turning the stones to the side so we can use the edge of the stone.
  10. Begin just above the sacrum with the edge of the stones on either side of the spine.
  11. Apply pressure straight down and move stones from the side of the spine outwards in small movements.
  12. Continue this move all the way up the back until you reach the base of the neck. This works the erector spinae.
  13. While you still have the stones in this position, our next move begins by placing the edge of the stone along the outside of the scapulas.
  14. Starting below the scapula, apply pressure outwards in small, even movements, moving along the outer edge of the bone.
  15. Repeat this move, only this time going inwards towards the scapulas. Make sure to move around the entire scapula.
  16. Turn your stones flat again and place them on top of the scapula. Applying light pressure, move the flat stones in a circular motion over the bones.
  17. After that, begin to move the flat stones onto the arms, moving down the back of the arms, lifting slightly over the elbow joint (ALWAYS use light pressure over joints), down the forearm and ending in the hand.
  18. Bring the stones back up the arms and end at the base of the neck.

If your stones become too hot at any point, flip them over to the other side and continue massaging. If they become cold, place them back in the water and retrieve your other two heated stones. Please check in with your participant regarding the pressure and temperature of the stones while massaging them.

Repeat these moves as often as needed to alleviate stress, tension, ease strained muscles, and promote a deeper sense of relaxation.

Note: Due to the nature of carrying and handling hot stones and the supplies needed to perform this modality, Pure Knead Massage does not perform hot stone massage.

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