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This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to give a great foot massage. Also it’ll show you how to stretch and warm up the foot and ankle. Now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s important to make sure your ankle is warmed up prior to participating in any sports or activities. The ankle is the part of the body that gets injured the most!

Ankle and Foot Massage Instructions

  1. You do not need any oil or lotion to do this foot massage.
  2. Start by compressing the foot. With each hand on either side of the foot, begin at the toes and work your way up to the ankle applying light pressure to the area. Always move towards the heart.
  3. Next, work on the metatarsals. You will be able to see the structure of the foot on each of the toes. Place your thumbs in between each bone and create small circles between the bones. Start near the toes and work your way up to the ankle. This creates friction and blood flow in the area.
  4. With your fingertips, place your hands on either side of the ankle and rotate your fingers in a circular motion over the bone with light pressure.
  5. Take one hand, using the palm place it on the bottom of the recipients foot, using your other hand to support the back of the calf. Push against the ball of the foot and stretch their foot towards them. This helps elongate the calf, open up the achilles, and hyper extend the leg. It also helps alleviate any muscle cramping.
  6. Proceed to do the opposite, by pointing the foot away from the recipient and pressing down on the top of the toes making sure to maintain support behind the calf. Always make sure to be applying light pressure, this is just a stretch, it is not supposed to hurt.
  7. Now, begin to twist the ankle side-to-side. Go slow and gentle with this stretch. With the foot in both hands, rotate the bottom of the foot inwards slowly, hold for a moment, then return to the center. Repeat steps going the opposite way, hold for a moment, and return to the center.
  8. Finish the warmup with more compressions. Repeat step 1.
  9. Repeat this massage on the other foot and ankle.


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