David T.

“I am a very empathic and intuitive Massage Therapist with a great ability to see with my hands to read the body. Each session I create a blueprint to treat you in the current state you are in. I integrate energy work along with hands on application to address the nervous system as well as the muscle tissue and skeletal integrity. I empower the body’s natural ability to heal to live to you greatest human potential! I have an immense passion for the art and treat each client like family! The time is for you, and all about YOU!”

“I specialize in Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Connective Tissue Therapy, Myoskeletal Therapy, Sports Mobility, Active and Passive Isolated Stretching, CranioSacral, Shiastu, Polarity Therapy, Neuromuscluar Therapy, and Deep Tissue.”


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