Recipe | Homemade Bath Salts

An effective bath salt begins with 2 parts Epsom salt, 2 parts kosher salt, and 1 part baking soda. While the skin absorbs the salts to soothe achey muscles and relieve tension, the baking soda softens the effects of the salts and balances your body’s pH….

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Health | Best Massage Types for Winter Sports

However you like to lick into shape, it’s important to combine sport with a complimentary modality of stretching or massage therapy to avoid injury or overuse, especially in winter when it takes the body longer to warm up for strenuous activities…

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Highlighted Business | Yoga with Wendy

Lani interviews Wendy with Turn Your Life Insight Out regarding Katonah Yoga. This method of yoga provides a heightened awareness of the body as well as a deeper personal understanding of the self. Katonah Yoga It is a practice of seeing what we do on the mat – is what we do off the mat…

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How To | Yoga Blocks for Better Posture

Wendy shows us how to use yoga blocks in a seated pose to straighten the spine and correct posture and alignment. In this video, she uses the wooden yoga blocks that she suggests give us better form and shape than softer, foam blocks. However if you are using foam blocks, the same applicaton concept applies.

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Recipe | Detoxifying Green Juice

Detoxifying, hydrating and delicious. This refreshing beverage is pumped up with vitamins from fruit and veggies that with clean you out from the inside. This recipe works best in a jucier, not a blender…

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