What to expect at your Chair Massage Event

Pure Knead Massage therapists are not only experts at private, in-home, full body table massage but we also specialize in less intimate, over-the-clothes, chair massage therapy. Our mobile massage chairs are very sturdy, top of the line equipment with a high range of adjustability to make sure you are comfortable, regardless of your height and weight.

Since we are only massaging from the back of the neck down to the middle back, we only need 15-20 minutes per person to knead your tension away. We use new sterile disposable face cradle covers for each client and only need about 4 feet x 6 feet of space per massage chair.


Corporate Chair Massage

Do you want to improve performance and moral in the workplace? Corporate chair massage is the fastest and easiest way to create peaceful and synergistic attitudes in the office. Tension that builds up from everyday stressors is stored throughout our bodies and translated in our performance. When we are uncomfortable from pain and tension, it shows on our faces and is heard in our voices.  Show your appreciation to your staff for a job well done, ease their stress and turn around slow sales. An office chair massage event is the best way to show you care.

You could also treat your guests or clients to an event that offers chair massage that will leave them raving about your company! We can have 1 masseuse or 10 massage therapists come to your location for as long as you need us.

Latest Review:
This has been a wonderful experience. The employees really love it and the masseuses are fantastic! Thank you so much for offering such wonderful staff. - Christine Drews, Human Resources Administrator, CalAtlantic Group, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ


Are you planning a baby shower, bachelorette party,  birthday party or anniversary celebration? Have a full body massage or chair massage station/s set up at your venue to get everyone in a celebratory and relaxed mood and leave them feeling delightfully pampered.

You need us, because we knead you!


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