How To | Alleviate Knee Pain: IT Band Stretch & Massage

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In this step by step video, Lani from Pure Knead Massage demonstrates how you can do a massage in your home. This particular massage concentrates on the IT band and alleviating pain in the knees – a common problem with runners. Lani is just one of our certified, in home therapists that specializes in sports and other types of massage.

  • To begin, have the recipient lying face-down on a flat surface. Make sure the area around their IT band is uncovered from the top of the hip to the knee. 
  • Bend their knee and lift it up with your hand while you pull their leg to the side. 
  • Press your body against their shin so that it does not slide out of place.
  • Before applying any lotion or oil, warm up the area by applying pressure to the IT band. Starting from the knee and working your way up to the glute. Do this about 4 times.
  • Get your lotion or oil, warm it up in your hands and apply it to the area you will be working on.
  • Place your fingers underneath the bent knee to prevent too much pressure from being applied.
  • With the soft part of your forearm, make upward strokes from the knee to the glute 4 times.
  • Next, place hand underneath the knee and your other hand against the glute and move the knee closer to the shoulder. Scoot your body against the shin again.
  • Repeat steps 6-8. Continue to move the leg up the table as far as the recipient is comfortable. This will help lengthen and relax the leg, allowing the practitioner to go deeper into the muscle.

We also send massage therapists to your home for knee pain, it band and sports massages. Pure Knead Massage has therapists throughout the San Diego CA and Phoenix AZ areas. Call us today to book your massage in your home , or use this video to do your own in home massage on someone you know!